Hi, I'm Richard,

Richard visits the Department of Waste Management and meets the Lexingtonians who keep our streets clean and our city moving.

A day in the life of local firefighters - Richard learns about courage and leadership from the people who know it best.

Richard breaks ground on a home to be donated to a local veteran.

I really care about Lexington

  • Jobs and Training

    Lexington can do more to provide community training opportunities for skilled trades and high tech industries. Available workforce is a key job recruitment tool to build and diversify our economy.
  • Housing

    As our city continues to grow, and the housing market continues to move upwards, Lexington must preserve housing options for all incomes. Ensuring the availability of affordable housing will hinge on the way we approach opportunities for infill and redevelopment.
  • Infrastructure

    Improving our infrastructure is one of my top priorities, and we must continue to provide for it in our budget. We made a strong commitment to improve storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure, and have made steady progress over the past decade.
  • Agriculture

    Although Thoroughbreds have made us the Horse Capital of the World, cattle and crop production are equally important to Lexington's economy. I fully support the relocation and expansion of the Blue Grass Stock Yard. This state of the art facility is a great opportunity to expand that section of our economy.